Tennis as a Fitness Booster

Charles Hinckley
3 min readFeb 17, 2022


Tennis is a beautiful sport to engage in when building your fitness capabilities. Most of your muscle groups and organ systems are engaged during a game, which could improve your fitness levels and general well-being. It also provides a full-body workout and can get your heart pumping and fire up your quads and hamstrings. Your cardiovascular and muscular systems benefit a lot from playing this sport as you age.

Tennis helps increase your oxygen intake and builds the capillaries and capillary beds within your muscles to give them a better blood flow and supply. This decreases the fatigue rate of your muscles and increases their performance. In addition, your aerobatic health is maintained, giving you more power and increased reaction time while playing the sport.

Vitamin D increases your chances of having a stronger heart, better immune system, and reduces cancer risk. Nonetheless, this critical nutrient is deficient in a lot of people. However, you can soak up Vitamin D from sun exposure by playing tennis outdoors at convenient leisure time. It is best to schedule your playing time around noon because studies have shown that the body can receive large amounts of Vitamin D midday. While doing this, you should also wear sunscreen to prevent excess UV radiation from causing you skin cancer.

With basic movements like swinging, running, reaching, and pivoting while playing this whole-body sport, you can lose a lot of calories. On average, even an hour of playing singles tennis can help you burn between 400 to 600 calories an hour.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), tennis is a good sport that helps build solid muscles and strengthen bones. Increasing your peak bone mass to slow down bone mass loss associated with aging is essential, and exercising is one of the best ways to do that. Bone mass peaks around the age of 30 and slowly decline afterward. Therefore, you could begin to exercise regularly before that age and manage the bone mass decline by playing tennis to tackle the descent.

During a tennis game, your mind is focused on the task at hand, which helps alleviate your mind of all stressful thoughts. It is more or less like a vacation for the brain to forget about to-do lists and any pending tasks at hand. This promotes optimism and boosts your self-esteem, reducing any underlying forms of anxiety.

Tennis as a sport also boosts brainpower due to the repeated use of the creative part of the brain. It comprises tactical thinking, agility, planning, and coordination of various human body parts. Playing tennis also develops new neurons and strengthens the neural connections to improve brain functions in ways that aid learning, behavior, memory, and social skills. Further, the more you play tennis, the better you become at these activities.

An added benefit of tennis is its potential to stabilize your core.and enhance your motor control. Motor control can be defined as keeping one body part stable while another is moving. Most of the tennis movements can help reinforce this area of fitness.



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